Baby sleep doesn’t have to be a battle.

Hi, I’m Paula! I’m the proud mama of a rambunctious toddler, Registered Early Childhood Educator, and Baby-Led Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist. 

As a new mom, I quickly learned that everyone has an opinion on how you parent. It was frustrating navigating all the different advice while trying to follow my intuition. I knew I wanted to give my son a secure base and raise him in a conscious, respectful manner. But as I saw everyone around me sleep train and talk about discipline I felt really alone. Read more about my story here.

When I came across the Baby Led Sleep ApproachTM I knew it was the perfect fit for me. This program gave me the validation to follow my instincts as a mom. Also, it has given me a fulfilling career where I get to support families, advocate for mental health, and help children thrive.

I am a life-long learner and I love learning. I believe that great parents are those who always strive to be the best that they can be, admit their mistakes, and are willing to change their minds. If that sounds like you, I’d love to get to know you.

Sleep Coaching

Are you feeling pressure to sleep train your baby? Does your heart ache at the thought of leaving your baby or toddler to cry alone? I have good news for you: you don’t have to do it! It IS possible to improve your current sleep situation in a respectful, conscious, and gentle manner.

I use the Baby-Led sleep approach combined with my background as an Early Childhood Educator and my own experiences as a mom. I help you look at sleep as part of a bigger puzzle rather than a behaviour to be ‘fixed’. In addition, I help you tune into your instincts and tune out the noise. As a result, the families I work with experience a deeper connection with their baby, increased confidence in their parenting, and of course better sleep.

It’s possible to feel rested AND continue to support your child to sleep

Take care of your mental health AND your child’s

Change what no longer works for you AND maintain a strong attachment

You don’t have to leave your baby to cry it out. You don’t have to wait it out either. There is a middle ground and I can show you how to get there

You will come out of this feeling:

Empowered to make changes that suit your family values

Confident in your parenting abilities

Connected to your child and their unique temperament

Supported in your journey

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What Customers are Saying

My anxiety is significantly lower

Paula is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. I really struggled with all of the things I was “supposed to do” to have my baby sleep successfully. The moment I found her instagram, I learned about all the myths around infant sleep. I discovered my baby’s sleep was developmentally normal. It’s sad to admit this, but I finally felt like I had permission to rock my baby to sleep, sing him to sleep while looking at him, nurse him before naps and bedtime. All of those “bad habits” I read about are actually amazing tools I now use to support my son to sleep. My anxiety is significantly lower since meeting with Paula. My expectations are far more realistic. Bedtime is much more peaceful in our household and that is a gift I don’t take for granted. Paula also gave us some great insight into napping and how that affects bedtime. She provided helpful insight into our baby’s temperament and how that influences his sleep. I will use Paula again as a resource for any sleep questions as our baby grows. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who needs help with baby sleep, and perhaps more importantly, examining our own expectations and assumptions as parents.

Kimberly R

Kind and Open-Minded

Paula is such a kind and open-minded sleep & well-being specialist, mama, and woman. I found her page on Instagram when we were going through a 7-month sleep progression with our son. I was lucky enough to win a session with her, and she made us both feel so at ease with what we were already doing. The community she has fostered on her page is one of acceptance and openness where and parent of any background with any amount of children can come to seek help, support, ideas for change, solace in their own techniques, or just to vent – what parent doesn’t need that!? There are so many infant sleep specialists out there, and they’re all wonderful in their own right that the point in these accounts is to offer parents the hindsight to see that every child is different, not difficult. But Paula’s New Paradigm Motherhood is just that – a model for how to not just love yourself as a parent through all the stages of baby and toddler-hood, but love and respect your child, too.

Jen D

Kind, gentle, supportive, and understanding

Paula is so kind, gentle, supportive, and understanding. She affirmed me as a mother, which gave me confidence that I don’t always have. She taught me about specialist that I had never heard of who could help me navigate my son’s sleep. She gave me practical information that I could use right away to gently make adjustments to my toddlers sleep! Thank you Paula!

Kristen B

Non-judgemental, encouraging, natural, straightforward

Paula has helped me get in touch with my own intuition and instinct about how to parent.
I didn’t expect our conversation to be so holistic because I compartmentalized the topic of sleep. When I started looking at the entire picture that Paula highlighted, specific for our family and babe, things started to change the same night. Not only was Eleanor a happier babe during the day, but she seems so much more free, vibrant and confident. And talk about a happier, rested mum because of it! I stopped listening to the noise that was chattering away since I got pregnant and I started enjoying and really cherishing my time (even the difficult moments) instead of dreading it.
Paula’s approach is non-judgemental, encouraging, natural, straightforward and seeks to fit your family. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I finally feel free to be the best mom I can be for Eleanor. Thank you, Paula for helping me get through the fog and come out on the other side excited for this next chapter of my life.

Deborah K.

Knowledgeable, kind, and understanding

We met Paula through a parents’ group on social media. She approached us after we sought advice to help our 2 year old daughter (and ourselves!) have a better night sleep. Victoria was going to bed very late at night and after quite an unsuccessful attempt at transitioning her from a playpen to a twin bed we felt we were losing our minds.
After only two weeks of working with Paula we were amazed at how much progress Victoria made! Paula met with us through video chat and we found her to be very knowledgeable, kind, and understanding.
What we liked the most about her approach was the concept of a holistic technique that met Victoria’s needs as well as our own. After a month, our daughter’s sleep improved notoriously: she started going to bed earlier, she stopped fighting bedtime, and got rid of her stalling techniques which greatly improved our nights too.
Paula did an amazing job and l would definitely recommend her to anyone who is having trouble understanding how babies/toddlers’ minds work and needs some guidance and assistance. We felt like Paula really cares and gives it a 100% to what she does. Paula: thank you so so so much!

Juliana, Viviana & Victoria


The most valuable part for me was that Paula suggested and discussed a possible tongue tie with me, sending me options of people to get in touch with in the UK even though she’s in Canada. Paula’s strengths were her understanding, her empathy, and her extensive sleep knowledge.

Paula- I want to thank you so much, you came to support me at a time when I was very low, struggling with how to parent and deal with the sleep, clouded by others ideas and generally needed someone to just believe in me I think, which you did and that alone was invaluable so thank you.

Carly G.

Highly recommend

I had an amazing time working with Paula to figure out how to help my son, although his sleep didn’t improve much on account of a tongue tie we are working to get released, she has educated me and helped give me tools for the future to access my son and his sleep needs. She was very throughout and assessed everything about our day and every aspect not just sleep alone, this attention to detail helped a lot to try and keep an eye on food intake and teething. A huge thing we tackled that did improve was nap times, they were consistently 60-90 minutes and now his naps are more 90-120 minutes! She also encouraged bed sharing and cosleeping, which is amazing for baby and building a secure attachment. I really love how encouraging and understanding she was throughout the whole process finding ways that worked for my family, and I highly recommend her to anyone that is struggling to figure out how to help their child get more restful sleep.

Courtney J.

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