If you hold your baby to sleep

If you hold your baby to sleep, he might get used to your comfort⁣

If he gets used to your comfort, he might expect it there all the time⁣

If he expects your comfort, he might cry when it’s not available⁣

If he cries, you’ll have to comfort him some more⁣

If you comfort him when he cries, he might think you are reliable⁣

If he thinks you’re reliable, he might expect you to understand him when he’s upset⁣

If you understand him when he’s upset, he might learn to regulate his emotions⁣

If he regulates his emotions, he might have an easier time forming relationships⁣

If he has an easier time forming relationships, he might become well adjusted⁣

If he becomes well adjusted, he might become self sufficient⁣

And if he becomes self sufficient… Chances are… He won’t want you to hold him to sleep anymore⁣

This was originally posted to my Instagram account. It was inspired by the book ‘If you Give a Mouse a Cookie’

For a free printable version of this poem, click the link below:)


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