One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet amazing professionals that help families with different areas of expertise. I only promote people and products I truly believe in.

Babies, Bellies, & Bubbles

Elizabeth Morell is a Physical Therapist trained in Craniosacral therapy and a mama of two! She’s created a program for babies aged 0-6 months that is truly something I wish I had with my son! She’ll walk you through exercises and activities to do with your baby and how these can help their development. As a bonus, Elizabeth has a special interest in tongue/lip ties so there is a whole section on pre and post op exercises.

Enroll here.

Starting Solids Confidently

Jess and Nita are Registered Dieticians and owners of Happy Healthy Eaters. Their course, Starting Solids Confidently walks you through starting solids with your infant in a way that is free of judgement and supportive of your family’s style and values.

Use the code PAULA15 for 15% off. Enroll here.

Shwally Playmats

Shwally Home is a small family owned business and they make the cutest playmats for kids! These playmats are non-toxic, easy to clean, and reversible!

Check out their beautiful designs here. Use the code PAULA15 for $15 off!