Parenting in this day and age can be lonely and isolating. And when you’re parenting against the grain? It can feel downright impossible to build your village!

I have been there too and I was so thrilled to learn I am SO NOT the only one. I don’t want you to go through the same struggle!

The Shifting Sleep Paradigms Membership is a space to learn, share, commiserate, collaborate, and truly grow as a parent.

Get confident

Every month we’ll tackle different topics related to infant/toddler sleep (which you get to help pick!). With biweekly live Q&A’s and weekly video content, you will have everything you need to tackle sleep like the calm, confident caregiver you are.

Get curious

I truly believe that if you’re not getting uncomfortable, you’re not learning. This is a space where we’ll tackle the difficult topics with an open mind and open heart.

Get connected

Meet like-minded parents, share your experiences, commiserate over difficult moments, and celebrate the good ones. We’re not meant to parent in a bubble, your village is here for you!

Best of all? It’s all at the super affordable price of only $15USD per month! Can’t wait to see you inside!


Does the subscription renew automatically? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes and yes! You will automatically get billed every month. However, if you no longer wish to be a part of the membership, you can simply unsubscribe before the payment comes out.

How long do I have access to watch the videos for?

As long as you are a member! Yes, that means you’ll get access to the entire library of content any time you sign up and for as long as you are a member.

Can I purchase for a friend?

Yes! You can buy access and then when the gift has been given you can then change the email (Profile Settings) and the payment details for future payments (Purchases –> Membership –> Update Payment Details)

What are your qualifications?

I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator and Certified Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist. I have been working with families for months to get the family more sleep without sleep training.

I hired a sleep course before that claimed to be gentle but wasn’t, will I experience that here?

NOPE! Absolutely not. I am adamantly against any forms of sleep training: Cry it out, Ferber (also known as controlled crying), Camping out, the sleep lady shuffle, etc. I will only ever encourage you to follow your instincts and stay responsive to your little one’s needs.

What age is this best for?

My focus is on infants and toddlers so that would be from 0 to age 3. Expecting parents and parents of older children are still welcome!